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360 Video

What is 360 Video?

Have you ever seen a movie and hoped you could magically teleport oneself to that sandy beach, huge concert, or intense boxing match? That is exactly what 360 Degree Video allows you to do.

In a nutshell, 360 degree films let you be the director of a cinematic experience. You can look in any direction you want. You’re not just limited to what the camera is seeing. This is different from regular movies where you are only able to see what the camera is pointing at. With 360 degree videos, you are placed in the center of the action and can see in all directions.

How do I watch 360 Video?

There are several methods to view 360º Video that provide a diverse range of experiences. You can watch 360 degree films whether you own VR equipment or not, thanks to VR headsets that provide the most breathtaking experiences and 360 web players on famous platforms such As facebook and Youtube. Here’s a rundown on how to view them.

Virtual Reality Headset

The VR headgear, like the Oculus Quest or HTC Vive, is the greatest and most immersive method to watch 360-degree videos. Although these headsets are fairly expensive, they provide a completely immersive experience that genuinely immerses you in the action. With something like a Virtual reality headset, you can modify your vision simply by tilting your head – exactly like you were there in person.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a device that turns your phone into a virtual reality headset. It does this by using a cheap cardboard viewer. Although it’s not as comfortable as a padded headset, the Google Cardboard experience is surprisingly good. You’ll have to use your hands to keep the viewer in place, but it’s worth it for the fraction of the cost.

Smart Phone

If you don’t really have access to a Virtual reality headset, however you can still watch 360-degree videos on your phone. There are two approaches to this. First is to utilize your smartphone as a type of “magic window.” In this setting, you position your phone in whichever direction you choose to gaze, exactly like you would if you were filming your own video. The second method will be to simply click and move on the video and adjust the perspective.

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Player for the Web

The third option for viewing 360-degree videos is to use a web player, such as those found on Facebook and YouTube. Just simply click and drag on the video to alter your perspective. Although this is not a genuine 3D experience, it is a quick and easy method to view 360 degree films and get a sense of what they have to offer.

See for youself

View our 360° Video below to better understand how this technology works.

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